About Us




Our business model is simple. We make the best quality watches and offer them at prices other high end brands simply can't compete with. We were tired of overpaying for watches due to inflated mark up costs. We set out to create a watch brand that used the top quality materials, but came at a fair price to our customers. The result is something we call the Teleio experience.  


After years of research and networking with top watch manufacturers, we realized that many popular watch brands use sub par materials and add up to 1,000% markup on their watch prices. We then decided to create a watch brand that not only utilized the best materials, but also offered unbeatable prices. We named this watch brand Teleio, which originates from the Greek word “τέλειο,”. It translates to “perfect” in English, which is exactly the the standard we maintain with our products. Our goal is simply to provide the highest quality watches for prices that other reputable watch brands can’t compete with. We call this the Teleio Experience.


Size Guide

We worked with our customers to determine the best face sizes for both men and women. We went with a larger than average face size to give the Teleio watches a bold yet clean look.